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ELGi Compressors


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ELGi Compressors design and manufacture some of the best air compressors engineered for maximum performance. With an experienced and sophisticated team, they provide equipment that meets industrial needs in terms of low energy consumption and high performance.

As a compressed air solutions provider having an inventory of over 400 products, ELGi Compressors’ capabilities are truly unmatched. The equipment they manufacture remains a significant requirement of many businesses in Central Florida.

First established in 1960, the company has grown to become a significant player in air compressor manufacturing for diverse industrial applications. Having acquired ISO certification for its manufacturing activities, it is a global company with subsidiaries in Asia, South America, Australia, and Europe, among others.

ELGi Compressor Products

Palatek Compressors


Since 1915


Sullivan-Palatek Inc. is a US-based designer and manufacturer of quality industrial air compressors. Known for its powerful innovations and technological advances, they have grown to provide some of the best air compressor equipment in the market today. Sullivan-Palatek air compressor equipment are highly reliable because they are engineered to deliver maximum uptime. As an authorized product dealer and service technician, we strive to make their products available to Central Florida’s Industries.

Sullivan-Palatek air compressor equipment are some of the best in the market. We understand the value of having standard equipment, and that’s why we partner with only the best manufacturers. The line of air compressors manufactured by Sullivan-Palatek are known to provide unmatched energy efficiency and reliability, strong enough to be used in any industrial setting.

Palatek Compressors

Champion Compressors


100 years of experience


Champion Pneumatic manufactures a wide selection of compressed air equipment for various industrial applications. They design and produce air systems solutions from scratch, ensuring it meets standard specifications. With over 95 years of experience, their engineering prowess is evident in their air compressor designs manufactured with attention to detail.
Champion knows and understands the various applications of its products and strives to tailor each equipment design to deliver maximum efficiency. Their major goal in compressed air solution manufacture is to provide equipment that exceeds the expectation of users.
Palatek Compressors

Aircel Dryers


air drying and filtering solutions


Aircel Dryers designs and manufactures a range of air drying and air filtration equipment used in various industrial activities. Their products are reliable, affordable, and manufactured with attention to detail to meet the performance needs of users. Aircel dryers and filters are also environmentally safe and advanced in operational capacity.

Aircel Dryers is a leading company in the field of dryers and filtration equipment manufacture with dozens of equipment and accessories in their inventory. With their unrivaled quality equipment and years of design and manufacturing experience, they remain a market leader in the field. This and more is why we’ve partnered with them in order to supply quality air dryers and filtration equipment to industries in Central Florida.

Aircel Dryers

Zeks Dryers


Compressed Air Solutions


Zeks Dryer is a leading manufacturer of air treatment solutions such as dryers, filters, airflow controllers, and mist eliminators used in various industries. Their air systems products deliver high energy efficiency and operational performance needed to eliminate contaminants from the air.

With Zeks Dryer equipment, industries can confidently remove water and other contaminants present in the air to improve air quality in their workspace. They can also be used to minimize waste and maximize productivity in any industrial application. Based in the US, Zeks Dryer started out with four flagship products designed through innovation and the collective effort of its founders. Today the company boasts a variety of air dryers and filters that deliver unmatched performance. As a company founded in 1959, it has since grown to become a dominant brand in the design and manufacture of air system equipment in the US.

ZEKS Dryers
Zeks Dryer


Altec Dryers


Compressed Air Solutions


Altec Air is a vastly experienced company specializing in manufacturing air pressurization and treatment systems. They offer a full line of air dryers, air pressurizers, and air treatment equipment used in various industries to improve air quality and boost work performance. Featuring state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Altec Air products are some of the best in the industry today.

Backed by a group of dedicated people with over 50 years of experience in the industry, Altec Air products are known to meet users’ energy efficiency and operational performance needs. All products on display are standard tested and guarantee maximum uptime for any industry using them. Their air pressurization and air treatment equipment are sought after in over 100 countries worldwide, a testament to its quality. With a very experienced team, they aim to continue manufacturing air system equipment that outmatches the competition and performs excellently well in industrial applications.

Altec Dryers

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