Worship Seminar

What would happen if everyone on your team — everyone in your congregation — really understood worship from a biblical perspective? Not music. Worship. ·  Do you think you might hear less, “I don’t like that song,” and more, “I love Jesus!”? ·  Do you suppose there could be fewer negative comments about musical styles,…

Friendship Pictorial Church Directory

Appointments for LIFETOUCH  Portrait Event (& directory) will also be available this weekend. Of course you may go online at appt.lifetouch.com and make the appointment there then you will receive a $10 coupon with your reminder email. CLICK HERE TO MAKE APPOINTMENT.

March 2014 Newsletter

Friendship Lutheran Church of Joy monthly newsletter for March 2014 Click here to download the MarchNewsletter14

Mega Work-a-Thon Fundraiser Event

The empty tomb Mega Work-a-Thon Fundraiser Event is the morning of March1. Check-in is at 8:00 am. There are opportunities to read the Gospel of John to children in a church, construct precut cupboards, deliver furniture, and perform home maintenance in the community.  If you are led to participate in one of these activities please…

ASP Meeting Scheduled

Hello Church Family, For those of you attending (or your child is attending) the Appalachia Service Project this summer, this email is for you! Our next meeting is Monday, February 3rd 5:30 -6:30 pm at Friendship  (most likely in the basement, but if we use the PPT we might be upstairs!) The point of the meeting…

January 2014 Newsletter

Friendship Lutheran Church of Joy monthly newsletter for January 2014 Click here to download the January 2014 Newsletter.